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Creative Super X-Fi Review: Surround sound with a dongle

Setting up a correct surround-sound system sometimes needs countless realty and full-sized speakers around an area. however native audio firm artistic needs to bring that capability into a mobile, convenient package which will re-create surround sound - 3D audio with a practical sense of depth, house and detail - during a try of headphones.

Enter the Super X-Fi, a electronic device the dimensions of a thumb drive that plugs into any audio supply - be it a music player, pc or smartphone - to try to to specifically that. The technology has been over twenty years within the creating, aforementioned artistic founder Sim Wong Hoo at the company's unveiling of the gizmo at the buyer physics Show (CES) in urban center.


Creative control an area demonstration of the Creative Super X-Fi earlier this month, however I had the possibility to undertake the device at CES. The Super X-Fi not solely simulates surround sound, however conjointly optimises audio input consistent with every listener's ears and even head form. As such, it needs some fixing. At the demo at CES, we tend to were asked to put microphones into our ears, that mapped each nook and cranny of our ear canals to form personalized sound profiles.

But mass-market shoppers UN agency get the Super X-Fi on unleash can need to use a smartphone app to require photos of their face and ear form, when that software system can method the photos to get the sound profile. The demonstration was control during a area with a full surround system set-up, with similar audio tracks taking part in from headphones connected to the Super X-Fi and from speakers throughout the area. At any purpose, we tend to might placed on and begin the headphones to match the 2.

And I wasn't ready to pick out a serious distinction - a testament to however the Super X-Fi works as publicised, swing the observer within the centre of a good, realistic soundstage. Take a sample clip from the 2015 flick within the Heart Of the ocean, wherever the crew of a ship struggles to remain afloat within the interior of a significant storm. The surround-sound virtualisation is finished very realistically because the Super X-Fi is in a position to convey the movement of significant waves stormy from left to right.

It works for music tracks likewise, remodeling stereo recordings into what appears like a live concert. Mr Sim says the electronic device can value US$150 (S$197) once it's free later this year - a comparatively low value to simulate a surround-sound system that audiophiles could pour tens of thousands of greenbacks into. because it stands, the Super X-Fi may be a promising device for people who wish to get pleasure from the immersion of surround sound, however might need constraints in fixing a full surround-sound system.